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Business coaching is a series of techniques and tools used in the human resources of organizations with the aim of improving communication between people, achieving greater work motivation and improving the performance of employees and work teams. It is based on the development of relationships between workers and enhance the qualities of each of them through personal well-being and, therefore, the group in general.

In the business world, the practice of coaching works with an action plan aligned with the company and is applied as a way to obtain specific results and correction in the attitude of employees, both individually and as a group.

Through the coach, employees are able to take their skills abroad and improve communications or interpersonal relationships, make performance evaluations that are below the expectations of the company, motivate employees, or find a tool that facilitates compliance with challenging objectives

Advantages and disadvantages of business coaching

There are many benefits of coaching that can be applied to the company, but also, sometimes, there are some drawbacks because it can be confusing if it is not done correctly. Here we can find some examples:

  • Benefits of coaching for the company
  • Improve relations between workers
  • Increase the leadership of managers
  • Reduces stress and helps avoid employee job anxiety
  • Involves all the workers of the company in the achievement of common objectives
  • Improve creativity levels
  • Facilitates the diagnosis of problems within the company
  • Help to resolve conflicts within the organization
  • Develop the communication skills of people
  • Strengthens the development of the individual talent of the members of the organization
  • Improve the adaptation of workers to changes effectively

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching aims to accelerate the integral development of leaders, impact on their performance, unleash their potential and that they in turn do with their collaborators and / or work teams, and direct their company or area of competence of a profitable, competitive, ethical, responsible and sustainable way. Additionally, it helps executives align their personal, professional and corporate objectives, in such a way that they achieve a more satisfying life.

The executive's fundamental task is the strategic aspect, for which a process of Executive Coaching must take into consideration this factor and make the individual leave his comfort zone leading him to innovation as a flag of his acting within the modern company.

During a real process of Executive Coaching, the Coach accompanies, supports, challenges and creates spaces for reflection, through powerful questions that allow the Coachee to overcome its limitations to obtain measurable and sustained results.

The fact that executives occupy the highest positions does not mean that they have reached their maximum potential, Coaching for Executives enhances the performance of the leaders and makes the company achieve the desired results. It also allows executives to have balance in their lives, which is often affected by their own work.

Decide today to write a new story that will lead you to success and a more satisfying life.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching seeks to align individuals with a shared Vision, in such a way that they have focus, direction and a reason. The team becomes aware of their energy leaks and transforms them into engines that boost their performance. It is a process of accompaniment to achieve maximum collective performance. Team Coaching is a powerful tool to break the apparent harmony of the group and bring about dialogue and productive discussion, it is a journey towards synergy in such a way that the performance is superior to the sum of the parts.

In the Team Coaching, the Coach causes the members to live each of the phases through which a group goes through to get together as a team and face the changes from a new perspective that allows the team to grow, innovate and do.

The participation of the team leader in this process is essential for the success of the team and for it to manage the team and achieve optimum levels of performance.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is also known as Life Coaching. It is a type of Coaching in which the Coachee, accompanied by his Coach, establishes personal objectives, that is, of his own life (change of habits, development of skills, family, interpersonal relationships, career, etc ...). It is aimed at anyone who wants a change in their life and take charge of it, achieving through the Coaching process to see and recognize themselves under a new identity scheme that allows them to have a better relationship with their environment and with themselves and, therefore, a more satisfying life with possibilities for the future.

In Life Coaching the person becomes aware of the world he has built and that he can change it to have a fuller life. The Coachee takes, therefore, the reins of his life and directs it where he wants with the version of himself that allows him to achieve what he wants.

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