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The discipline of coaching began to be used above all on an individual level for people who wanted to improve some aspect of their individual or professional life. However, now, there are many companies that use sessions and business coaching tools to improve the motivation and performance of human resources of organizations.

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What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a series of techniques and tools used in the human resources of organizations with the aim of improving communication between people, achieving greater work motivation and improving the performance of employees and work teams. It is based on the development of relationships between workers and enhance the qualities of each of them through personal well-being and, therefore, the group in general.

Advantages and disadvantages of business coaching

There are many benefits of coaching that can be applied to the company, but also, sometimes, there are some drawbacks because it can be confusing if it is not done correctly.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching aims to accelerate the integral development of leaders, impact on their performance, unleash their potential and that they in turn do with their collaborators.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching seeks to align individuals with a shared Vision, in such a way that they have focus, direction and a reason.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is also known as Life Coaching.

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An investigation conducted with executives of Fortune companies about Executive Coaching, reported that an average company experienced a 600% Return on Investment, plus a variety of intangibles such as improved relationships and morals.

A Manchester Review report calculated an average Return on Investment of 545% in regards to Executive Coaching. Executive Coaching is not a cost but a profitable investment. All our services are tailored to the needs, objectives and characteristics of your company. When offering Executive Coaching, we consider the executive as a person, professional and active agent in an organization. This type of process is offered for Level C Executives, Directors, Top Talents, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals, in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Optimization of competences
  • Creation of high performance teams
  • Promotion towards a new position, function or responsibility
  • - Happiness at Work
  • Specific goal
All our services are tailored to the needs, objectives and characteristics of your company. By offering Team Coaching we capitalize on the human resources of your organization from a humanistic and effectiveness approach, in areas such as:

"90 of every 100 employees in the United States of America spend part of their day doing some team work.

The work teams generate an increase in return on investment of 26% and a return on total assets 34% higher than companies that do not work as a team.

Companies that work with work teams require 34% fewer hours to complete a project, than companies that do not work as a team.

"Training alone can improve performance by 22%, but training accompanied by a Coaching process improves performance by 88%." (Source: The International Personnel Management Association)

"The Xerox Corporation conducted several studies on Coaching, which determined that in the absence of a follow-up Coaching to their training, 87% of the skills changed by the program were lost." (Source: Business Wire)

Training + Coaching = Permanence of the skills learned.

- How to be a Coach Manager / Manager
- * Negotiation
- * Teamwork

* Accompanied with Coaching processes

All our services are tailored to the needs, objectives and characteristics of your company. The courses - workshops are dynamic and with the continuous participation of the people who take them. Its main characteristic is its focus on Coaching for Performance, in such a way that people can unleash their potential and that of their staff.

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